Established in 2006, the Bellevue Neighborhood Association is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that promotes Bellevue Kentucky and the growth of the community by improving Bellevue’s parks, gardens, and planters with outreach programs for neighborhood improvement, tree & garden planting, and historic education.

Our Mission

Our goal is to promote Bellevue Kentucky and its historic value through education, advocacy, and committed actions to enhance quality of life and develop a stronger sense of community.

Board and Officers

  • Robin Burgess, President and Director
  • Leslie Hinde, Secretary and Director
  • Adam Zoda, Treasurer and Director
  • Patrick Hogan, Director
  • Cindy Landholt, Director
  • Lauren Wessel, Director
  • Jim McPhail, Director
  • Carolyn White, Director

Committee Chairs

  • Judy Brauer, Beautify Bellevue
  • Kathy Barrett, Decorating
  • Diane Witte, Garden Team
  • Bridget Vogt, Community Garden
  • Lauren Wessel, Drink in the Vue
  • Cindy Landholt, Wreath Sales