Grants & Programs


Take advantage of the Bellevue Neighborhood Association’s Beautify Bellevue Grant to help with exterior home and yard improvements

The Beautify Bellevue Grant is a reimbursement program in which the BNA provides up to $750.00 in grant funds for exterior home and yard improvements to current members. The maximum amount per approved grant is 50% of the total project cost, up to a maximum $750.00 for completed work. Applications are approved on a first come first served basis.

PRE-APPROVAL IS REQUIRED. Grants are not available for previously completed projects. No work is to begin on the project until approved by the Grants Committee.

The project/improvements must be exterior work seen from the street or alley.

What is required to apply?

  • You must be a current member of the Bellevue Neighborhood Association – to join BNA, click here.
  • Fill out the Grant Application, available for download here Application Form, To receive a paper copy of the application, contact 
  • Verify with the City of Bellevue whether approval/permits are needed for the project and obtain those if necessary.
  • A member of the Grants Committee will take photos of the project area before work begins.

What happens after you get approval for your project?

  • You must begin work on the project within 30 days of Grant approval and be completed within 90 days of that approval.
  • A member of the Grants Committee will take photos of the completed project.
  • Submit copies of invoices/receipts showing the amount spent on the approved project for reimbursement of 50% of the total project cost, up to a maximum of $750.00.

Feel free to contact Beautify Bellevue Chairperson, Judy Brauer, at with any questions!


Civic Support Grant

We offer support to general community events such as the Senior Citizen Luncheon, Art in the Park, and giveaways for our volunteer events such as the wristbands at the BHS football game.


The Bellevue Garden Team

The Garden Team works with city staff to keep Bellevue’s public spaces beautiful and blooming. Each season a variety of plants and flowers are designed, placed, and maintained throughout the city. The efforts of the Garden Team truly contributes to the charm and appeal of Bellevue. Click here to learn more about the new Hanging Basket program.

City Decorating

BNA partners with the City of Bellevue to ensure that the city looks festive and bright during the holiday seasons. Decorations and lights are hung along Fairfield Avenue and throughout the neighborhoods within Bellevue. Currently, there is a focus on decorating for the fall and winter.

Community Garden

Begun in 2011 with assistance from the Campbell County Extension Office and the City of Bellevue; the Community Garden is a place for Bellevue residents of all ages and gardening experience to share and gain knowledge on growing and gardening. Located at the end of the alley between the 400 blocks of Foote and Ward Avenues, the Community Garden’s harvest is shared and enjoyed among the gardeners and neighbors of “Blossom Alley”. The Community Garden is worked Thursday evenings at 6:30pm and Sunday mornings at 10:30am.

Tree Planting

With an understanding that trees add to the allure and value of a community’s neighborhoods; BNA partners with the City of Bellevue’s tree board to replace damaged, dead or diseased trees in our parks and public rights of way. This program not only adds to the aesthetic beauty of Bellevue, but educates our citizens on environmental contributions to a healthy and vibrant urban forest.